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Reliability, Precision and Increased Control in the Pharmacy

Automation of Drug Preparation in Blister Cards



Our client, Synergy Medical, is a leader in the automated preparation and distribution of solid oral medication in blister cards, which enables pharmacies to efficiently and accurately prepare specialized and elaborate pill dispensers.

Our client wanted to perfect its SynMed® technology in connection with the production trays allowing the integration of medication in order to facilitate the identification of any unexpected event related to the deposit of a pill. The main challenge was in detecting the pills entering and exiting the dispensing compartments, as occasionally certain drugs bounced and were accidentally expelled from the alveoli. It therefore became essential to fine-tune the technology in order to keep a track and an exact count of the pills in each compartment.



In order to accurately detect the entry and exit of drugs in the compartments, Cysca’s team developed a two-layer Bluetooth detection electronic circuit that detects the obstruction of light using infrared diodes (emitters) and photodiodes (receivers). The system thus makes it possible to detect passages at various times while taking into consideration the direction and speed of the pills. The development of a complex detection algorithm taking into account different formats, textures and types of tablets and capsules had also been an issue in connection with infrared detection.

Cysca’s team also had to be resourceful in order to cope with additional challenges regarding the limited space and movement of the trays as well as limitations in weight, heat emitted and energy used.

In addition, our professionals, in collaboration with the Synergy Medical design team, made recommendations to perfect the design of the components of the trays and thus ensure optimal integration with the printed circuits while limiting interference with infrared.



Thanks to the integration of an optimized optical reading linked to the detection of the entry and exit of the pills, the SynMed® system is now able to offer an even more rigorous and efficient control, thus greatly reducing preparation and control times for technicians and operators as well as production costs for pharmacies. The system allows for increased precision while reducing the risk of errors in the production of pill organizers, resulting in increased patient safety.


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