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Resilience of the construction industry in the context of obsolescence

Securing the availability of printed circuits used for the manufacture of angle sensors



Our client, who designs safety systems for construction machinery, such as cranes and excavators, contacted Cysca regarding a printed circuit board (PCB) for the angle sensors that serve to detect the risk of overturning of these machines.

Although the electronic chip needed to produce the PCB was still available on the semiconductor market, its price had increased exponentially over the past few years. Given the supply difficulties and the risks of obsolescence, our mandate was to assess the possibility of modifying the design of the product in order to incorporate new components, available at more competitive costs.



During the first phase of the project, our team carried out extensive research and identified a similar component with a satisfactory degree of compatibility, thus avoiding the need to alter the design or redo the tracing of the components. By replacing a single component and the associated resistance values, the team was able to focus on calculating the other components and maintaining the performance of the angle sensor.

Thanks to this solution, our customer now has two options: the one implemented by Cysca which respects the original design of its product, and the one to reuse the initial PCB, according to the evolution of its needs and the selling price of the components.



As part of this project, we respected our client’s specifications, in addition to offering more flexibility to develop the product according to the vagaries of the market.

This project also illustrates our approach which promotes the design of sustainable solutions. Our priority is to secure the components used before going too far in the design. This involves identifying critical parts and ensuring their availability and associated costs in the market. The agility demonstrated by our team helped to protect the original design of the product, while offering a satisfactory technological solution at similar costs, which had the effect of securing the production of our client’s security systems for the construction industry.


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