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Technological Synergy and Obsolescence Management

Successful systems integration creates a synergy that goes far beyond what their components can achieve. We make sure that all these elements and pieces of equipment from different sources work together to meet your needs, whether that involves embedded systems, industrial controls, or the Internet of Things.

We can also help you manage obsolescence and product evolution to make sure your equipment maintains peak productivity over time and as technological advances develop.

How We Help Our Clients Solve Their Greatest Challenges

  • Ensure optimal operation of heterogeneous systems and integrate assorted components for seamless communication.
  • Manage equipment obsolescence and upgrades to ensure business continuity and guarantee safety.
  • Identify and locate equivalents to lower manufacturing or maintenance costs.
  • Secure standard compliance to guarantee product certification, such as CSA, FCC and IEC.
  • Analyze equipment reliability and safety for user protection and environmental care in transportation systems, energy systems, and industrial equipment.
  • Develop seamless B2B integration platforms to integrate complex B2B processes and computerized data exchange for rapid, reliable communication and enhanced agility and competitiveness.

Tests, Certifications, and Safety Risks

Tests: Our skilled, experienced personnel can help you lower noncompliance risks, shorten time-to-market, and ensure the quality, safety, and performance of your products in relation to current health and safety standards and regulations.

Certifications: We can make sure that your products, processes, systems, or services comply with current standards and regulations or client-defined specifications through certification.

Risks and safety: Does your product or system present safety risk issues? Risk assessment is the in-depth examination of a product and its environment to identify elements and failure processes that might present a hazard to people. Once elements have been identified, applying the right measures to eliminate or effectively mitigate the issues help make your product as safe as it can be.

Ensuring Interoperability

During development, systems can be entirely self-contained. That may not always be the case in operation, depending on its role. In certain cases, things get added on, and in others, major upgrades are required or even outright replacement.

When technological advances offer new features or ways of meeting a specific need, it can be useful to consider the best way to add the new element to the solutions you already own. However, the lack of universality or compatibility between equipment from different sources can cause quite a headache. That’s where our systems integration work comes into play, as it helps you enjoy the latest innovations without compromising your systems operation.

Dealing with Obsolescence

When it comes to choosing the most appropriate solution to revitalize aging equipment, the support of Cysca’s obsolescence management expertise can also be invaluable.

We can locate spare components and confirm their quality, make changes to printed circuit boards, or overhaul entire circuits to integrate modern components. Ways to solve your problem abound, and some possibilities can both resolve the immediate issue and put you in the best possible position for when you are ready to invest for the future.

Finding a Solution, No Matter the Industry

The push to innovate can be felt across every field of activity, and we are proud to put our collective skill set to work in the area of sustainable mobility, pharmaceuticals, building management, and industrial controls of all kinds.

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