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Sustainable Mobility

Serving the Communities of Today and Tomorrow

Now, more than ever, the entire world is within reach. Whether by air, rail, or road, transportation is a driver of development and growth for our cities and the economy. A comprehensive, sustainable view of transportation is needed to ensure service quality, efficiency, and user satisfaction in coming years, in a world where environmental concerns are increasing.

Sustainable mobility and transportation electrification rely on several of our areas of expertise, whether it’s in terms of integrating systems on board vehicles operating in harsh environments, designing electronics to capture operating data, or engineering software to guide the moving parts of a busy network to their destinations.

It goes without saying that every mode of transportation is subject to specific regulations and technical standards to ensure the safety of systems and passengers. Strict compliance with these requirements, including standards such as EN 50126, EN 50128, ISO 26262, IEEE 1558 and UN R155 and R156, is an integral part of everything we do. We keep abreast of best practices in every area of specialization to provide you with the best possible solutions and reach new heights in safety, quality, and productivity.

How We Help Our Clients Solve Their Greatest Challenges

  • Integrate passenger information systems to improve the rider experience.
  • Optimize transportation management systems.
  • Integrate the various types of equipment on-board transit vehicles.
  • Prepare specifications for transportation equipment electronic systems, on-board systems, and wayside systems, and monitor work.
  • Integrate various intelligent transportation systems to transportation equipment and infrastructure.
  • Design electronic architecture for transportation equipment.
  • Design power electronics for transport electrification.
  • Program desired features of transportation equipment and on-board systems into transportation equipment and infrastructure.
  • Engineer complex aerospace, energy, environmental, and transportation systems to facilitate transition to clean energy.

Practice Lead

Robert Lavigne, Eng., M. Eng.

Systems Engineer and Practice Lead in Public Transportation

With a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal and a master’s in engineering project management from Université de Sherbrooke, Robert has nearly 30 years of experience, with over half as a public transportation expert.

After starting his career with Lockheed Martin, Robert developed an in-depth knowledge base of embedded rail systems that sets him apart in the industry. His expertise led him to undertake strategic assignments on behalf of rail system manufacturers such as Bombardier and Alstom, as well as transit authorities in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, New York City, and San Francisco.

His keen deductive and analytical skills applied to complex systems and his great versatility make him an undeniable asset for development projects, including preparing and answering calls for proposals in the public transportation industry.


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