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Young serious programmer in eyeglasses concentrating on working with coded data on computer screen

Systems engineering

High Performance Control of Complex Systems
Developing programmer Team Development Website design and coding technologies working in software company office

Software engineering

The Power of Computing at Your Fingertips
A silicon CPU and microprocessor technology for modern day applications. 3D render illustration.

Electronic design

Custom Business and Industrial Products and Systems
Electrical engineers test electrical installations and wiring on protective relays, measuring them with a multimeter.

Systems integration

Technological Synergy and Obsolescence Management

IT Architecture and cybersecurity

Hardware and Software Management and Security
Cysca Services

Leading Edge Engineering Solutions to Your Current and Future Challenges

The Cysca Technologies team combines expertise and experience to provide practical custom technological solutions to the challenges clients face in a variety of industries. Quality, reliability, and safety have been Cysca hallmarks since 1997.

Cysca Technologies

Cysca Technologies at Your Service

Since 1997, the Cysca Technologies team has combined expertise and experience to provide practical technological solutions to the challenges its clients face. We help make development projects happen using an Agile methodology, whether by overseeing them entirely or by providing expert support to clients’ own teams.

Whether it’s systems engineering, electronic design, software engineering, systems integration, or cybersecurity, Cysca’s custom control solutions meet specific needs with strict quality, reliability, and safety requirements in a variety of industries.

Our Fields of Expertise

Cysca Technologies provides custom solutions that support the competitiveness and growth of companies dealing with rapid technological advancements.

Standards and Certifications We Comply With

With Cysca, you can be assured that our services are in conformity with the high standards and certifications you know and trust, such as the ISO 9001:2015 standard. You will get the level of quality that you expect through a consistent approach that follows technical specifications and precise process criteria, every time. Some of our standards and certifications include the following:



9 January 2023


This special report means to provide a few keys to enhancing corporate cybersecurity, particularly in the transportation industry. Cybersecurity of Your Operational Systems: Are You Ready? The media regularly report

14 May 2024


Denis Lachapelle, P. Eng. Anne-Marie Coutu, Tech. Manufacturing Companies | PCB Cost Drivers | CAD Tools | Special Applications | Conclusion Introduction The primary functions of a printed circuit board

5 December 2022


This special report means to provide a few keys to enhancing corporate cybersecurity, particularly in the transportation industry. Securing the Supply Chain Minimizing attack surfaces and the impact of potential

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Cysca Technologies’ success is due to the rich, diverse expertise of its employees. Join our team and design the future with us.