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Keeping Everyone Safe and Secure

Technology plays a growing role in military applications, whether forces are deployed on the ground, at sea, or airborne. It goes without saying that defense systems and equipment must work perfectly when it’s time to act. The margin of error is razor-thin: quality and reliability are a must, and that means an optimum development process.

The Cysca team has vast experience in managing system development requirements, from the initial design to maintainability in the field, along with validation, operational security, and reliability. Applying rigorous processes leads to product compliance with the strictest requirements and standards, and that is why our services are in conformity with the high standards and certifications you know and trust, such as DO 178, DO 278, ISO 27001 and Canada’s Controlled Goods and Contract Security programs.

Our solid expertise in electronic design, systems integration, and software engineering also allow us to provide cutting-edge equipment that will keep working in extreme operating conditions, whether in terms of temperature, humidity, or acceleration. No matter where the mission takes them, our solutions will perform safely and effectively.

How We Help Our Clients Solve Their Greatest Challenges

  • Develop or refine information technology and network architecture to ensure sensitive data is segregated and segmented using cryptography.
  • Produce applications based on thermoelectric cells, controlled power circuits for military radio, and software for a variety of military applications.
  • Design acoustic detection systems, including for aircraft component inspection.
  • Develop chemical batteries with specific components and circuits through the use of shock and spin activated batteries (standby batteries).
  • Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to improve operations and develop algorithms to reduce interference in communications and radar imagery systems.
  • Integrate artificial intelligence to existing software systems to enhance current infrastructure security.
  • Analyze laser/radar imagery system data to generate maps and information and support operations in emergency response.
  • Design software to precisely determine optimum trajectories for automated vehicles.


What challenges can we help you conquer?