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Medical Equipment

Better Living Through Technology

The medical field is undoubtedly one of the most demanding and regulated industries, with good reason, as the health and well-being – the very life, even – of end users may depend on it. It is therefore paramount that the development of medical devices be impeccable to ensure equipment safety, quality, accuracy, and reliability.

Our processes reflect the most recent best development practices, and they are clearly documented to ensure that every stage is closely monitored and every product is fully compliant. Every risk is closely analyzed for the purposes of eliminating it entirely or mitigating it in accordance with current requirements and applicable standards.

Various areas of expertise can be called upon when developing solutions, including electronic design, sensor use, and software engineering. Perhaps more than in any other field, it is important to combine product quality with the human aspect of its use to maximize positive outcomes. Such technological solutions directly contribute to improving people’s quality of life. Our experts keep up with technological developments to determine which optimal solution can best answer your most complex or demanding challenges.

How We Help Our Clients Solve Their Greatest Challenges

  • Design and develop medical devices in accordance with strict industry standards for certification purposes.
  • Upgrade proven solutions to expand functionality or increase effectiveness through the integration of new technology.
  • Design devices to measure medication quality.
  • Design agitator devices to process samples in the biomedical field.
  • Take part in the design and development of hearing aids: study and analysis of signal treatment algorithms and production of miniaturized circuits.
  • Develop systems to measure the soundproofing capacity of various materials, including spectral response and correlation.
  • Design and develop complex components used in medical and biomedical devices, equipment, and instruments, such as graphical interfaces, high-voltage power supplies, and data acquisition systems.


What challenges can we help you conquer?