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Building Management

Creating Smart Spaces

Managers generally focus on the products and services their company can provide in their industry and the technical means it uses to do so. But they should never forget that these operations depend on having the proper environment in which to provide their offering. Many physical elements must be in place to maintain optimum operating conditions depending on how the building is used, and they often represent a significant area for improvement in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Building management must deal with a variety of specializations, which can be demanding in terms of resources, depending on the size and diversity of the building inventory. Internet of Things based solutions can be a smart investment when it comes to surveillance and management, since they can increase responsiveness when something goes wrong and avoid costly equipment failure and inventory loss. Using sensors makes it possible to fine-tune conditions with great flexibility through remote management using a web interface.

Whether it’s in terms of access security, control of various internal conditions, or optimum resource use, Cysca’s custom solutions can reduce the environmental footprint of your facilities and improve performance.

How We Help Our Clients Solve Their Greatest Challenges

  • Ensure optimum energy efficiency using leading-edge control solutions.
  • Maintain ongoing property security and compliance to maximize building inventory value.
  • Develop cloud-based solutions for remote monitoring and data comparison/analysis between various systems for the purpose of optimizing the operating costs of property holdings.
  • Optimize energy consumption via software automation that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) to lower operating costs.
  • Design energy and environmental systems for building management software systems.
  • Develop, in a structured, agile way, systems to oversee power and cooling, electronic security, property management, emergency communications, and fire protection.


What challenges can we help you conquer?