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Custom Business and Industrial Products and Systems

From analog circuits to microcontrollers and the most complex designs (DSP, FPGA, RF), our custom designs harness the right hardware and software to meet your specific needs, even within the most complex and demanding of systems and environments. Diligence is key throughout the entire process, from technical specifications to in-service support. Our design process includes rounds of review to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the solutions we propose.

Obsolescence of electronic components

Technologies are constantly evolving at a rapid pace. The market must therefore adapt to demand by offering new, ever more advanced products. As a result, the life cycle of electronic components in products is shortened.

How we help our clients solve their greatest challenges

  • Design analog and digital circuits, including field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA) and embedded systems, and oversee the subcontracting of printed circuit tracing.
  • Develop switched-mode power supplies ranging from a few watts to several kilowatts.
  • Develop analog interfaces, sensors, and motor controls (H bridges).
  • Develop converters (to generate AC from DC) and motor controls for various industries, including rail and sustainable transportation.
  • Design low-noise, low-power electronic systems.
  • Design laser diode and photodiode circuits, such as are used in alignment systems and light curtains.
  • Produce circuits for the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Develop printed circuits for LED panels such as those used in the signage and lighting industries.
  • Build Peltier module (thermoelectric cell) power and control systems.
  • Develop embedded software for optimal circuit and component performance.

Internal FPGA Architecture and system design

Our teams have the expertise to design field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA), which can be used to implement clients’ end application. Our professionals define requirements, participate in system design, and develop FPGA architecture, VHDL code, and test plans. FPGA flexibility is an undeniable advantage Cysca can provide.

Strict Processes for Efficient Designs

Our strict design process begins by assessing your needs and continues by defining specifications, preparing the design, coding, manufacturing, testing, and validation, for an end product that meets all requirements and reaches set targets. Design reviews are held throughout the process to ensure solution quality is upheld and the project stays on track. Coordination and communication are musts to mitigate project risks, maximize the contribution of every participant, and keep the project on time and on budget.

Technological products are composed of electronic circuits and software. These complementary factors must both be carefully designed and optimized to ensure the system performs at expected levels. The components that go into your solution are selected for optimal compliance with project criteria, whether in terms of complexity and specificity, or appropriate considerations of size, cost, performance, or energy consumption. Our team is fully proficient in designing circuits, using microcontrollers to process various analog or digital signals, and power electronics to implement your solution.

You can also be assured that our services are in conformity with the high standards and certifications you know and trust, including ISO 26262, ISO/SAE 21434 and IEEE 1558.

Expertise in Power Electronics

Our expertise in switching-mode power supply and magnetic component designs, including various types of power supply topologies – power factor correction (PFC), buck, boost, flyback, full-bridge, push-pull, etc. – means we can develop a custom switching-mode power supply tailored to your needs and specifications. We have every resource to make your project a success: design engineers, a printed circuit board layout team, a model shop for prototyping and small-scale production, test equipment, and select suppliers, including vendors of custom magnetic transformers and inductors. With Cysca, you can count on a team of experts who want to see your project succeed.

The Right Solution for Your Application

We develop and test products that meet your needs and requirements in their operating environmental conditions – no matter how extreme – in terms of temperature, humidity, and even acceleration, which are unavoidable in certain industries.

To date, the collective skill set of our team has contributed to advances in the fields of ground transportation, aeronautics, machinery, and military applications. We are fully equipped to be your key supplier and a major contributor to the achievement of your most innovative, complex, and demanding technological projects.

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