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Immersive haptic technology and sound recognition

Modernization of high-precision synchronization software for a renewed user experience



Our client, who designs and manufactures high-end motion and haptic systems for the entertainment industry, wanted to upgrade its technology to synchronize the soundtrack of audiovisual content with the movements transmitted by the haptic seats that he markets.

The initial technology based on encoding movies for DVD media had become obsolete due to the rapid and massive adoption of on-demand content distribution (streaming). In addition to affecting the optimal functioning of the system, the user experience had also deteriorated.



The project consisted in developing a twinning software module based on audio recognition, so that the system could precisely identify the scene of a film from an audio track. Thanks to this pairing, the entertainment system can synchronize the action that takes place on the screen and the movement command sent to the seats of the viewers.

It was also a question of developing a robust search tool, which would be able to manage multiple results, such as content available in several languages, while optimizing the recognition speed and the response time of the system.

Finally, the modules designed by our teams aimed to facilitate access to the system on all types of devices, including mobile version, and to provide the interface between the control software and the hardware (connected seats).

The device from which users activate the system has also been reviewed and improved; the more user-friendly and intuitive graphical interface is now accessible from a traditional browser or a mobile device. It also offers users the possibility to create different profiles, for an experience similar to that of the most popular streaming platforms.



The product delivered to our client retains the initial functionalities that users were used to, while providing them with an up-to-date, more flexible and high-performance control system for a completely revised and modernized experience.

The technology developed by our software development experts met our client’s requirements, and could then be reused by the latter to improve its product intended for cinemas.


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