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Automation and Control

Do more. Do better.

Every area of specialization has its share of complex, difficult, or sensitive operations that can be particularly demanding, or even impossible, for an employee to accomplish. Depending on the industry, the challenge may be physical constraints, repetitiveness, desired execution speed, precision or accuracy, or environmental conditions or inaccessibility. That’s where automation and control solutions come into play, adding value by performing such operations safely, accurately, and reliably.

Automation mainly aims to reduce human intervention in operations, whether for safety, precision, quality, or capacity purposes. It handles low value-added tasks, freeing employees to perform more valuable activity. Control solutions, meanwhile, mean to provide constant monitoring and detect anomalies quickly to make the necessary corrections and adjustments.

In today’s world, productivity gains often have more to do with improving work methods than with sheer increases in activity. The Cysca team can assist you in targeting elements in your operating processes that could benefit from implementing automation and control solutions to increase productivity and profitability.

How We Help Our Clients Solve Their Greatest Challenges

  • Improve efficiency by assigning tasks with human intervention to automated solutions.
  • Increase system quality, speed, precision, and performance by implementing cutting-edge control devices, including using artificial intelligence when the situation calls for it.
  • Leverage artificial vision (also known as computer vision) technology through applications on video streams to analyze and process visual data in real time, such as to ensure greater user safety in public transportation or public safety at major events.
  • Produce innovative cooling solutions for electronic devices and equipment in terms of design and heat management in a wide range of fields including medical, consumer, aerospace, defense, and automotive electronics.


What challenges can we help you conquer?