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Verification Circuits for Pharmaceutical Packaging



A leader in the design and manufacturing of custom automated machines was seeking to upgrade one of its products, an encapsulating machine for pharmaceutical products. Since the in-house teams of the company’s development center lacked the capacity to handle the project, the client tasked Cysca with the first stage – the design of ultrasensitive multichannel optical sensors.

Cysca’s experts took over the project to recommend a solution that met all performance requirements and complied with the strict standards that apply in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure product safety and quality.



With its rigorous development process, Cysca led the project from the outset to a successful completion. The solution presented to the client was made of a number of optical sensors set out strategically on the printed circuit board, along with several other components. After a series of tests, the product was found to be fully compliant and performed to the client’s satisfaction.

The solution helps validate the shape and count of product in each package, constituting a vital link in the quality assurance chain of the various pharmaceutical manufacturers that use the machines provided by Cysca’s client.

Building on this success, the company expanded the scope of the Cysca project, entrusting us with the design of the electronic circuits for the entire systems, thus providing a complete platform for controlling actuators and sensors. In partnership with the in-house development team, Cysca once again invested its expertise and thoroughness in successfully designing a solution that can be fully integrated into the encapsulation machine and ensure continued excellent performance.



This assignment was a first fruitful experience for the client, and the number of projects completed in partnership with Cysca soon multiplied. Its own teams of engineers had the opportunity to cooperate with a variety of experts, letting teams exchange, learn, and grow from the knowledge and insights of their peers. The products they build feature leading-edge advances that continuously push technological boundaries.

The manufacturer continues to develop and expand its service offering, much like its clients in the pharmaceutical industry, an inexhaustibly innovative field. Cysca is proud to contribute its experience and expertise to projects that ultimately support the health and well-being of all.


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