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An Ingenious Solution That Goes the Distance

Data Logger and Monitoring Computer for Mass Transit Buses on CAN Bus (J1939)



The end client is a major American transit authority with a fleet that includes over 1,400 transit buses. Needless to say, maintaining the vehicles is a significant undertaking that often requires specialized equipment and expertise to detect and diagnose problems that can arise in service.

To gain better visibility of data recorded in service and avoid having to connect a laptop computer to buses to extract data for analysis, the client wanted the bus manufacturer to provide an on-board solution. The Cysca team supported the bus maker with turnkey project execution.



We first suggested installing a small computer with a touchscreen on board the buses, in the electrical equipment box. The computer is connected to the on-board control network and runs custom software that makes it possible to configure various set points and alerts. Network data is captured and displayed on screen: it can also be recorded and transferred onto a USB drive for easier analysis at the service center.

The product was designed to work in a rather difficult environment that can be subject to significant vibrations and where the changing of the seasons can bring very low and very high temperatures. Cysca oversaw the selection of off-the-shelf components and developed the custom software to communicate with the on-board network. The solution was then tested, approved, and prepared for assembly-line installation by the bus manufacturer.



After completing demanding approval processes, the solution was delivered on time and on budget. The final user expressed their satisfaction with the solution, which enables their maintenance technicians to run checks and diagnostics more easily and efficiently.

The manufacturer, meanwhile, was able to assign its own design team to other development projects for the same client. By meeting the transit authority’s technical requirements through external support, the manufacturer ensures full client satisfaction at the conclusion of a hard-won contract. The manufacturer’s reach also extends to other similar transit authorities, who each represent a new potential client on the market.


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