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Heightened Vigilance in the Equipment Room

Technical Monitoring and Control Station for an Air Traffic Control System



Our client, a world leader in air traffic management systems, provides an air traffic control solution to control towers. It goes without saying that system reliability must be flawless to ensure the safety  of travelers and flight crews. Another application monitors the status of the various hardware, software, and network components on which the safety-critical solution relies. Technicians responsible for system infrastructure can also intervene in the event of component failure and ensure operational continuity.

The project involved developing an application architecture that splits the presentation layers of the underlying subsystems to be integrated. Since these systems can vary between clients, the solution had to be flexible enough to be adaptable.



The Cysca team considered the issue, in order to develop an architecture that separates system interface graphics and makes it possible to launch targeted object-oriented interfaces for a range of dissimilar systems. The strict engineering process provides requirement and test result traceability to ensure the solution is robust and reliable.

The dynamic user interface presents each node, sensor, computer, subsystem, and module of the air traffic control system based on configuration data. A high-performance subsystem then uses a number of open-source tools to record all air traffic control system displays for subsequent review and investigation. All recorded data undergoes various forms of post-processing for rapid accessibility.



As the client’s air traffic control solution was being sold in new markets, it was important that the monitoring system be able to keep up in terms of compatibility to support growth efforts.

The new architecture also simplifies and guides technicians’ work in managing the various redundant system-critical subsystems over long periods. Increased data visibility from all system elements increases responsiveness when a problem arises and improves investigative analyses after the event for continuous improvement purposes, which in turn lead to greater system reliability and heightened flight safety.


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