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The new reality of cybersecurity: operational networks

11 May 2022

Operational Cybersecurity


Cyberattacks today go far beyond the traditional data theft-ransom combo that affects organizational IT. They now also aim to destabilize large parts of the economy, the market and the production and supply chain by directly attacking our operational infrastructures – which now often integrate virtual and cloud technologies – such as our communication networks, our factories and our transport. Hence the need and urgency to adapt our operational systems to this new reality.

Stay tuned as we will soon publish a series of articles on the challenges of implementing operational cybersecurity, more specifically in transportation where we will discuss topics such as implementing a culture of resilience within an organization, the best approach to certify an existing system, supply chain management and cybersecurity standards within the transport industry.

Cysca is well positioned to help you deal with cyber risks and cyber terrorism and modernize your systems.

Contact us to find out how Cysca can help you solve some of your biggest challenges, whether in software or systems engineering, systems integration, electronics design, IT architecture or cybersecurity.



Since 1997, Cysca Technologies provides cutting-edge engineering solutions in systems engineering, electronics design, software engineering, systems integration and IT architecture and cybersecurity. We offer end to end services and support our clients in developing their own solutions by leveraging our expertise in developing electronic systems, the related embedded software and user interface applications. While bringing forth our creativity and innovative mindset, we harness innovation for the benefit of sustainable growth.

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