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Taking a Proven Solution to New Heights

Electronic Flight Strips (EFS) for Air Traffic Controllers



Our client, a world leader in air traffic management technology, wanted to significantly upgrade its air traffic management solution to add new features and improve user workflows. The company continued to rely on its internal team to develop the solution, but chose to turn to Cysca to fully leverage its software engineering and programming expertise and successfully develop the next generation of electronic flight strips for air traffic controllers.

The new application had to integrate seamlessly with existing systems and give controllers flexibility to configure and organize aircraft in flight and during ground operations. The interface also had to be usable for training purposes.



Air traffic control is demanding work that requires great responsiveness in a highly collaborative environment. Not only did the solution have to meet technical needs, but it also had to consider hardwired controller reflexes and make information access quick and easy for optimum operational safety.

Our team integrated object-oriented technology and modern user interface frames to facilitate management operations and interface customization. Workflows are more highly automated, including emergency alerts and stage monitoring. Since operational continuity is critical, a backup process is in place to keep operations running in the event of technical failure.

The interface has been entirely redesigned to optimize space and provide users with functional, appealing visuals: intelligent layout, intuitive navigation, one-click functions, informative color coding, etc.



Making changes to a central work tool in such a demanding field can make things difficult and lead users to resist change. Since the tool is now much more user-friendly and flexible, controllers can organize how information is presented, which grants them greater autonomy and optimizes their efficiency, particularly at peak times.

This same improvement in configuration options also makes the solution appealing to control towers in smaller facilities, opening up a whole new market segment for our client. We are proud to continue to help perfect this cutting-edge system used around the globe.


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