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Securing air and maritime navigation, day and night

Modernization of lighting systems



Our client Technostrobe designs, manufactures and installs lighting systems to ensure the safety of air and maritime navigation around wind farms, communications and broadcasting towers. Its lighting solutions must be visible day and night, without interfering with the proper functioning of the structures that host them.

The beacons consist of an optical module and an electrical module usually located together at the top of the towers, which complicates access. Technostrobe, wanting to facilitate the maintenance operations of its systems and reduce its operating costs, entrusted Cysca Technologies with the mandate to review and modernize the design of its light beacons.

The project had to meet high reliability and robustness requirements, in particular because the aerial structures concerned are easy targets for lightning, while respecting the regulations in force in the field of navigation.



The first part of the project was to separate the electrical power block from the optical module. By moving the electrical block, which would now be installed at the bottom of the towers, it became easier to access it for preventive maintenance or repair work.

The electrical wiring has also been thoroughly revised to be simplified. Our teams have chosen to use twisted wires, which allow the transport of electrical power and data on the state of the lamps. Thanks to this, the number of wires required has been reduced, thus lowering the production costs of the system.

The beacon modernization mandate also applied to the optical module. The new electrical circuit designed by Cysca made it possible to replace the gas lamps used until then with light-emitting diode (LED) lamps. The use of this newer and more reliable technology also had the advantage of extending the life of the beacons, while reducing their energy consumption.

Finally, the third part of the project consisted in establishing remote communication between the light beacons and the company’s servers, in order to measure and monitor the performance of the equipment in real time. Cysca designed the architecture of the required electrical, electronic and printed circuit systems, selecting the components in such a way as to achieve the required levels of reliability and safety, with better cost control. An important part of the project was to design the power electronics circuits, the magnetic circuits and the control algorithms of the power elements.

Thanks to this new communication infrastructure, which relies on software custom-developed for Technostrobe, the proper functioning of the beacons can be monitored efficiently, remotely and at a lower cost for the operator.



The solutions designed and implemented by Cysca within the framework of this project met the expectations and needs of the client, and contributed to strengthening its strategic positioning in its market. Indeed, the remote communication system was a new functionality at the time and constituted an important differentiating element for Technostrobe.

During the mandate, our teams perfected their knowledge of power electronics, and contributed to expanding the skills of our client’s engineering team, enabling it to ensure the long-term management of its systems.


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