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Processes That Stay the Course

Improving the Software Design Processes of a Manufacturer in the Heavy-Vehicle Industry



A manufacturer specializing in the design and development of transmission systems in the agriculture and heavy industrial industries was looking to tighten up its processes as part of its rapid international growth. Its products feature electronic control components governed by integrated software that was entirely developed by in-house engineering teams and company management wanted to make sure there were no shortcomings in terms of quality and safety.

That is why it sought out Cysca’s assistance to assess its software design processes, make appropriate recommendations, and support its personnel in implementing the necessary improvements. Ultimately, it wanted to provide services that lived up to the company’s mission statement – to be the best solution provider in its field.



To determine the focus of its intervention, Cysca first analyzed the current process and met with executive management to fully grasp the needs and wanted position. Based on its own development experience in highly demanding and regulated fields, the team pinpointed the gaps in the current process and drew up a corrective action plan that would shift the process towards the target.

The team also analyzed the software to document it properly. Also inspired by best practices implemented at Cysca, working this way is more transparent for and accessible to non-expert managers. It helped bring to light safety shortcomings. Cysca then participated in software development and set out a testing protocol to help maintain product quality.



Armed with a better understanding of the software elements the company produced, company executives were able to course correct where necessary to strengthen internal processes and ensure a safe, high-quality product. As for technical personnel, the implementation of more rigorous oversight of their work allowed them to not only acquire new skills, but also apply them in a safe context that fosters exploration and innovation. The more structured work environment improves product compliance, productivity, and by the same token, retention of the employees who thrive at work.

The client continued to grow, secure in the fact the software in its products meets their own expectations in terms of quality and contributes positively to their reach in target markets, both here and abroad.


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